Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wasps

We have had a wasp nest on our house this past spring, summer and fall. Just about everyone was stung. Brent is slightly allergic but we let it remain until cold weather when it is just eggs. They lay dormant until spring. It was a beautiful thing to see and the wasps made it from a nearby Aspen tree. Brent decided to take it down yesterday. He was a little nervous not knowing for sure if they really were "dormant" or not.

This is the nest. It has layers of paper thin insulation made from the Aspen tree. It covered the honey combs like a cone. Then there were several honey combs on the inside where they lay the eggs. It is amazing and fascinating! No evolutionary accident in my mind! Rather, an awesome creation from our Heavenly Father!
If you click on this photo you can see the black wasp eggs. We shall take the nest and hike it up to the "Wilderness" so it can hatch there rather than our front yard:)


Jessumca said...

that is so amazing to see! thanks for taking pictures!

Sonja said...

just incredible! Such a precise and well planned little home. Even if they are monsters, in my mind.

You guys are so good. I would have just blasted them to high heaven. But, not dear, wonderful Ruth who appreciates beauty even if it is painful. :)

Mommy Tray said...


My kids would have gone crazy!!! We wish we were in Twin Falls living, well Jeff and I do but not the kids, and someday we may. We miss the snow.

Love you blog. My life isn't interesting enough for a blog.


Roo Roo's Corner said...

Not so! The littlest thing that is interesting to you is interesting to others! I promise! I didn't think I should write one and I found how easy it is. Like a journal too accept with pictures:)