Monday, September 20, 2010

Searching for Ghost Towns

Jess, Penny, Thomas, Felix and I decided to go on a Ghost town hunt.  We were trying to find obscure towns that had vague directions.  We started out with a picnic on a lava bubble boulder trying to find Boulder Basin. No luck finding it though.
We tried this road to find Vienna.  It was a beautiful drive and we ended up going back about 10 miles.
It was "free wood cutting day"  who would have known:)
We did find Vienna but it was in ruins.  We learned the town had been destroyed for an unknown reason.  There used to be  quite a mining town there.  They had even had their own newspaper. This building and the out house were the only buildings actually standing.

On our way out we found some nice camp spots and so we just explored a little.

We ran into a heard of sheep looking for Sawtooth City.  We did not find it but found it on the map after we got home.  The sheep dogs were awfully protective when we drove through the heard.  They stayed right by us till we passed the heard.  We had a fun day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mesa Falls Marathon and 5k

I never have been a runner.   I had always hated running in school and could barely finish one mile.  I would start out running my hardest and then get a side ache and lose my breath.  It was no fun at all!  A couple of months ago Brent and I were on a walk and he started running and wanted me to run with him.  He has bad knees so he was slow.  Well, I found that it wasn't that hard if you run slow!  Dah!  He said that's all you have to do!  Well, I have been running now almost 2 months so Brent insisted I could do a 5k.  My daughter Jessica had been training for a half marathon (13.1 miles) and it was a good opportunity.  So here I am:)  This is in Ashton Idaho
I actually finished and I ran the whole way:)  I wasn't fast.  In fact I think there were only 5 people slower than me. Most of them were walkers.  I'm talking slow!  But I did win a flashlight in the drawing!
Jessica and Alisha Kirk did the half marathon together.  They started out up the mountain near Mesa Falls.
Jess finishing in about 2hr 20min
Brent and Thomas looking at Lower Mesa Falls.
The bear is licking Thomas!  This is in the Mesa Falls Lodge.
Upper Mesa Falls!  Aren't they stunning?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crater Lake

We went to Klamath Falls to pick up Sarah.  She was helping our friend Susan recover after a surgery.  She carried her things for her so she wouldn't have to lift.  Susan lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  We went to get Sarah after about 5 weeks.  While there Susan took us up to Crater Lake.  Left is Susan, Penny, Me, Jake and Sarah
Sarah and Jake by a cool tree!

Brent and Penny.  Pretty handsome guy:)
I can not believe how blue the water is!  So gorgeous!  It was a treat!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm 50

I had a wonderful 50th birthday party!  We had a BBQ and was it delicious!!!!!!!  Brent grilled steaks and pork loin.  Mmmmmmm!
I had special decorators come in for the occasion. (Glen and Steph)
They spoiled me!
I had 2 cakes!  Jess made the chocolate one and Alisha Kirk made the lemon pound cake!  My goodness were they delicious!
Friends and family came!
I feel loved!  I like being 50!  Amber (right) came from Washington and Wendy (right) came from Utah!  Group hug:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Memorial for my Father

My Dad's headstone is now in place in the Lindon cemetery in Utah.

My sister-in-law Wendy and Niece Melanie made these programs for the funeral.  So thoughtful and loving.  It will be remembered always.

My Dad served in WWII and was honored with a 21 gun salute.  This was especially touching when preceded by Tapps on the bugle.

8 Grandsons were the pall bearers.

My fathers uniform for the army and dog tags.  A picture of his family.  50th wedding anniversary pictures.  A bowl my father made on his lathe.  Another bowl he made. A poem written by the Godwin family whom my Father home taught.  Statues from Ron.  A name plate Ken had made for Dad while on Ken's mission to the Philippines.  A wedding picture and the autobiography my Dad wrote.  Another table displayed his tools.  My Father was a beautiful craftsmen.  He could make anything with wood form furniture to houses.

All our children came to the funeral.  Left: Sarah, Jake, Elise, Me,  Brent,  Brent III,  Amber, Jess, Penny

Thoughtful flowers and cards from loving friends!  Thank you!
My Dad was a wonderful man.  He was loaded with talents.  He never thought so.  He was humble.  He lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the time he found it till the day he died.  He has been and will always be an example to me.
I love my Dad!