Monday, March 16, 2009

Arizona memories

We love living in Hailey Id.  It is beautiful and a wonderful community. This is Brent a Penny skiing Dollar Mt.  There is still quite a bit of snow around here. 
Lovely isn't it?  But right about now at the end of winter we remember other warmer areas we have enjoyed:)
Arizona for instance! Interesting vegetation:)
The beautiful drive up to Mt. Lemon
On top of Mt. Lemon

McCormick Train Park in Phoenix!  That's Jake and Penny on the stage coach.
Swimming every day!
The best thing about it was that we had cute little visitors:)  This is my grandson Thomas.


Brent Hope said...

Nice post Doot! I think of Arizona on these snowy March days. It doesn't help that Dave Heaton calls everyday to tell me the temperature down there.

Jessumca said...

lets all move back there one day ok? Travis says its ok! ;) I liked the pictures!

Jeremy said...

I miss that swimming pool. Good times.

Mommy Tray said...

great place to visit in the winter months, but not so nice in the summer. Not unless you like the heat.