Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mesa Falls Marathon and 5k

I never have been a runner.   I had always hated running in school and could barely finish one mile.  I would start out running my hardest and then get a side ache and lose my breath.  It was no fun at all!  A couple of months ago Brent and I were on a walk and he started running and wanted me to run with him.  He has bad knees so he was slow.  Well, I found that it wasn't that hard if you run slow!  Dah!  He said that's all you have to do!  Well, I have been running now almost 2 months so Brent insisted I could do a 5k.  My daughter Jessica had been training for a half marathon (13.1 miles) and it was a good opportunity.  So here I am:)  This is in Ashton Idaho
I actually finished and I ran the whole way:)  I wasn't fast.  In fact I think there were only 5 people slower than me. Most of them were walkers.  I'm talking slow!  But I did win a flashlight in the drawing!
Jessica and Alisha Kirk did the half marathon together.  They started out up the mountain near Mesa Falls.
Jess finishing in about 2hr 20min
Brent and Thomas looking at Lower Mesa Falls.
The bear is licking Thomas!  This is in the Mesa Falls Lodge.
Upper Mesa Falls!  Aren't they stunning?

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Graham Crackers said...

Way to go Ruthie! You are my hero!