Monday, September 20, 2010

Searching for Ghost Towns

Jess, Penny, Thomas, Felix and I decided to go on a Ghost town hunt.  We were trying to find obscure towns that had vague directions.  We started out with a picnic on a lava bubble boulder trying to find Boulder Basin. No luck finding it though.
We tried this road to find Vienna.  It was a beautiful drive and we ended up going back about 10 miles.
It was "free wood cutting day"  who would have known:)
We did find Vienna but it was in ruins.  We learned the town had been destroyed for an unknown reason.  There used to be  quite a mining town there.  They had even had their own newspaper. This building and the out house were the only buildings actually standing.

On our way out we found some nice camp spots and so we just explored a little.

We ran into a heard of sheep looking for Sawtooth City.  We did not find it but found it on the map after we got home.  The sheep dogs were awfully protective when we drove through the heard.  They stayed right by us till we passed the heard.  We had a fun day!

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Jessumca said...

It was a fun trip! Glad I live right by you so I can join in all the fun you guys have. :)